Mountain Laurel Medical Center participated in the annual Garrett County Health Fair held in April 2017. The Garrett County Health Fair was held at the Community Aquatic Community Center at Garrett College.

Employees of Mountain Laurel Medical Center assisted with the Garrett County Health Fair registration.

Emilee Friend, RN Care Coordinator

2017 Outstanding Partner in Health Award. Awarded at the Garrett County Health Fair.

Emilee was nominated for and awarded the Outstanding Partner in Health Award for an individual for her role in the planning, creating and now serving as Program Coordinator for the Mountain Laurel Medical Center’s American Association of Diabetes Educators Accredited Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program. Emilee was thanked by Mr. Paul Edwards, Chairman for Garrett County Commissioners, at the 2017 Garrett County Health Fair, for her long hours of planning, self-education, and research, while continuing her full-time work duties as RN Care Coordinator. The individual nominating Emilee shared “her most meaningful achievement is the daily benefits she provides to her patients’ lives.

With an infectious dedication to the program, Emilee and her DSME team now educate residents of Garrett County on a daily basis, providing empowerment and health benefits for a happier and healthier life.”

Mountain Laurel is proud of Emilee and of her recognition as the 2017 Outstanding Partner in Health Award for an individual.

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