Purpose of the Board

The Board of Directors is the legal authority for Mountain Laurel Medical Center.  Its members are trustees who act on behalf of Mountain Laurel Medical Center’s constituents, including patients, donors, the government, and taxpayers. The Board of Directors has the principal responsibility for fulfillment of the organization’s mission and the legal accountability for its operations.

James R (“Smokey”) Stanton, MSW

Board Chair
Oakland, MD
“I am the president and CEO of Insight Solutions, a consulting practice based in Oakland with nationwide clients. I have forty years executive experience in health policy, health system development, and regulation at the local and state levels in Maryland, and in health policy and emergency management at the national level.  I hold the Master of Social Work (MSW) from West Virginia University and the Professional Certificate in Environmental Management from The George Washington University.I believe Mountain Laurel Medical Center is key to maintaining accessible, affordable and high quality medical care to the residents of Garrett County and our neighbors. I am pleased and honored to serve our community as a member of the Board of MLMC.”

Kevin Gloeckl

Board Secretary
McHenry, MD
“I have been a Board member for approximately 5 years. My work experience has been in the fields of hospitality/service/and other small business opportunities in Garrett County since 1982. I am honored to have the chance to be associated with so many people working together for the same purpose, to provide quality and affordable health care to all members and guests of our community.  I have learned much in this endeavor and am thankful to my fellow board members, the officers and staff of Mountain Laurel Medical Center, and to local related associations for providing support to each other and working strongly together in advancing this goal.”

Mike Bello

Oakland, MD
“I have been a member of the Board of Directors since October 2010. I am a small business owner here in Oakland and both my wife Sandy and I are patients at Mountain Laurel Medical Center. I have a firm belief that everyone should have access to affordable health care no matter what your situation in life happens to be. It is for this reason that I serve on the Board. Mountain Laurel Medical Center is a tremendous asset for the people of this region.”

Dolores Gloeckl

McHenry, MD
“The Mountain Laurel Medical Center was a project very much needed in this community and I was honored to be asked to join the board.  Have been a member for 5 years, and on the Quality Assurance Committee for the same length of time.  I have been the Coordinator for St. Peter’s at the Lake for 19 years, and also the Treasurer of our Home Owners Association for 12 years.”

Cherie Johnson

Oakland, MD
“I joined the Board of Directors in May of 2016. My husband, Steve and I came to Oakland in the fall of 2015 after I retired from Providence Health and Services, a large health care organization in the Northwest, where I spent the majority of my career with responsibilities in ambulatory care, nursing supervision, quality management, safety and Diabetes Education. Becoming a patient at Mountain Laurel Medical Center, I discovered a need for my expertise to serve the community here. Though retired, I maintained status as Nurse Emeritus through 2017 and Certified Diabetes Educator through 2016. to assist Mountain Laurel in the development of our Diabetes Self- Management Education program and in the achievement of certification through the American Association of Diabetes Educators. My history also includes certification in Health Coaching and Massage Therapy, volunteer service as a Court Appointed Support Advocate for Abused and Neglected Children, and as an EMT in Emergency Medical Services. I feel honored to serve on the Board and work with the providers at MLMC to maintain the quality and integrity of medical care provided to our community.”

Jonna K. Frazee

Oakland, MD
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“I am a retiree with more than 34 years of community banking experience.  My expertise was as a mortgage loan officer and branch manager. I am a graduate of the West Virginia Bankers Association School of Banking.  I also earned my Graduate Degree in Banking from the Lloyd P. Calvert Graduate School of Banking, University of Charleston, in May, 2011. I’ve taught credit counseling through Garrett County Communication Action’s First-time Homebuyers program.  My husband, Mike, and I are lifelong resident’s of Oakland, Md, and we enjoy spending time with our family and friends. I am honored to be a part of the Mountain Laurel Board of Directors. I look forward to working with Mountain Laurel towards the ultimate goal of providing polite, professional,  knowledgeable, and affordable health care to our community.”