Tips for Sheltering in Place with Children

With the cancellation of school, playdates,

birthday parties, and sleepovers your household calendar is likely wide open-this is a great time to do the following as a family:


  • Play card and board games
  • Make art or do crafts together
  • Cook and bake together -talk about math as you prepare the recipe
  • Build forts, design a marble run, or make another fun STEM project
  • Perform a readers theater together -make up a play or production
  • Sing together or make a band with household items
  • Write letters or make cards for the local senior center
  • Write stories and poetry and read them aloud


Most importantly: Establish routines – it is now more important than ever to create a sense of structure at home with device-free meal times (especially at lunch), physical movement, and a balance between academics/ work and enjoyable activities that can reduce stress, as well as time to connect with family and friends. Also, eating healthy meals, exercising and getting enough sleep is essential to physical and emotional health.

Adapted from the: Coronavirus Resources & Tips For Parents, Children, and Others

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